Our Story

We’re here for those first out the door go-getters, the last one rotten eggs, those riding through the rain and into the sun, the runners who take the middle of the road at midnight, the practitioners who celebrate in sweat and move to something new to discover.

Finn was born on a ride, like all the best and worst ideas. From a feeling that the corporate forces controlling the active eyewear market no longer spoke to the community or for it. With no other option, the longer than expected road to create a new eyewear brand began. The idea was and remains, to surpass the performance offered by those biggest players but to present the product without the pretension that has come to feel so far removed from the experiences its wearers encounter themselves. Then to move the falsely inflated price-point down to a place that would support investment in our technology without hurting our customers. 

Any active product should support performance, and the lightweight, highly-adjustable, adaptable HighTail does just that. But it also is an expression of individuality and community. 

All Good Seens

- Finn Fam